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Magento Site Speed is Important!

We all like fast-loading sites and there are a lot more reasons to invest in site speed optismation for your business. 

Customers expect fast loading sites.

Fast loading site serves well for positive customer experience.

Lower tolerance of slow site speed results in higher potential of losing customers to competitors.

It affects your SEO rankings as loading speed has been taken into account by Google.

Google research shows the average expected site loading speed is 3 – 4 seconds.

Google also advises that 40% of customers are likely to abandon sites when it loads more than 4 seconds.

Every second improvement in site speed yields 2 – 7% increase in conversion.

Why Playtime for your Magento Site Speed Optimisation?

  • We are a group of professional Technical Specialists who know Magento platforms thoroughly.
  • Not only fixing common issues, but we are also capable of sorting out the core platform issues. That will truly speed up your website for a long-term ROI.
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  • Trusted by brands including Carpet Court and The PAS Group.
  • Free site speed audit of your website before your commitment.

Playtime’s Approach to Optimise Your Magento Site

  • Shoot us your website URL by filling the form below.
  • After a thorough audit, we will report on your website performance and how your competitors are doing.
  • After getting your confirmation approval on working on the site speed optimisation, we will work on the strategy, plan, timeline and budget for your approval. It is that easy and simple to capture the conversion you have been missing!

View here to see how we helped Carpet Court and White Runway to optimise their Magento site speed.

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