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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a type of Internet marketing that promotes websites via paying advertising to increase the visibility in search engine results pages. Google Adwords is the most competitive playground. Playtime is your SEM specialist to bid smart on Google Adwords.

Why SEM?

Precise Targeting

It enables to target specific geographic location, demographics, devices, ad scheduling and much more.

Instant Result

While SEO is more of a long term game, SEM gives your business an instant kick and boost.

Trackable and Measurable

Get to see how each of your dollar is spent and make a quick adjustment.

What Can We Do for You?

SEM Strategy

Mix the SEM elements to fit your goals. Allocate the campaign budget. Set up measurable metrics for the campaign success.

Campaign Setup

Set up the campaign on multi-platforms and channels and build a timeline.

Campaign Evaluation

Monitor and evaluate the campaign result. Benchmark with the industry performance and metrics set in the first stage.

Campaign Re-configuration

Change the SEM mix. Re-allocate the budget to ensure the agility of the campaign to meet your business goal. 


Report on the ROI and put forward further recommendations.

Our Pricing


$259per week
  • For startups

All Rounder

$459per week
  • For small to medium sized businesses

All Star

$659per week
  • For businesses want prompt visibility

Search Engine Marketing

We specialise in PPC, display ads, social media marketing that are tailored to your business and industry.

Your Ecommerce store will feature the very latest in modern design and packed with marketing features to increase traffic, improve conversions and generate ROI.

By understanding customer journey combined with years of experience on what does and doesn’t work, we deliver you an Ecommerce experience designed around results.


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