Shopify is known for its easy-to-use characteristics. New to eCommerce? Shopify gives you a headache-free website. Playtime is your Sydney Shopify Plus Specialist. Scroll down to see our exclusive Shopify startup service package.

Why Shopify Plus?

Lower cost

Compared to other platforms, Shopify’s cost is very attractive to startups. Shopify offers three levels of service plans starting from $29/month.

Versatile features

eCommerce app marketplace by Shopify gives us the access to resources to customise your own shopping experiences. With some professional help to integrate with your platform and system, it leverages your sales promptly.

Easy management

Whether it is to manage products or handle the orders, the administration panel makes it easy for store owners. It doesn’t take long to get a grip of it.

Solid infrastructure

Shopify spares your time in administrating the hosting on working on the marketing and sales for your business. Given a solid infrastructure, your store is running  on a secure system.

Our Services


Want a cool and modern tweak to make your website stand out? No problem. Let us revise your current theme or create a new one to differentiate your store to the others.


Love to add bit by bit to your eCommerce website? No problem, let us know your ideas. We will provide the latest solutions to make it happen. We are now offering a unique solution to integrate AfterPay with Multi-currency on Shopify. Click here to find out more.


Shopify Plus gives you the security for high volume transactions. Thinking about an upgrade? We can certainly help you with that.


Lack of Human Resources to look after your stores? We are your extra helping hand to ensure the store runs without hiccups.


Our Shopify developers are highly skilled and some of them even hold doctoral degrees in IT. One of our special expertise is to fix the legacy issues from the last development. Returning you a clean canva to start fresh and get rid of your headaches.

Shopify eCommerce Startup Service Package

Thinking about joining the eCommerce revolution to start your own online business? Having your own eCommerce site can be stressful at the beginning when not knowing where to start. Playtime offers an attractive end-to-end service package to set up a search engine optimised and industry standard Shopify store for you. Perfect for any startups with 6-15 products.
We fully understand the situation of startups and can reduce up to 30% of the initial development cost to get you up and running. Most importantly, we keep your budget in mind while also providing the standard that the market leaders obtain.
This package includes both front end and back end development including setting up AfterPay, Multi-currency, Referral program and more. You will have a ready-to-go store at your fingertips.
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Customer Service

You are not a small fish in a big pond to us. We dedicate an Account Manager to be the bridge between you and the technical team. They are here to look after your priorities and ensure the project is on track.
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Quality Assurance

We run multiple automated tests to ensure every steps of your sites are seamlessly connected. Be rest assured that you are in good hands.
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