Project Description

Fire Aware App

A mobile, tablet and web application designed to provide timely, accurate and essential notification and awareness of fires and fire emergencies to the general public.Fire Aware is the only application with the AR navigation in the market.

Fire Aware App on iPad
  1. Fire location mapping
  2. Real time fire alerts
  3. Call for action
  4. Social media sharing and messaging
  5. AR navigation
  1. Mobile push notification provides detailed information about nearby fires
  2. Easy to use map functionality to determine proximity to danger
  3. Clear instructions for action in a fire emergency
  4. Full integration of real time emergency data through app and web portal
  5. Basic colour coded danger levels that drill down to more detailed information on particular fire danger
  6. Tested daily over multiple fire season to ensure reliability
  1. App Development
  1. The Playtime Group
Fire Aware App on iPhone, iPad, iMac and PC
  1. Visualises the fire location and the distance in an augmented reality setting that utilises the compass and camera of a phone
  2. Colour codes the danger level of the fire and their closeness in size of the symbol and text
  3. Allows for clear spatial awareness of surrounding threats
Fire Aware App Augmented Reality on iPhone

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