What Are The Top 3 Things to Look After for Magento Development?

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Top 3 Things to Look After for Magento Development

We personally love Magento. It is a very powerful platform allowing us to meet all the requirements of our customers. However, power comes with responsibility. No worries. Here are Top 3 things to look after for your Magento development.


As Magento is a self-hosted option, it is the responsibility of the administrators of the site to maintain this important area. If your eCommerce Magento site is processing credit cards, you must make sure that it is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. As a result, the store owner must constantly update the security patches.

A lot of businesses have lost their reputation overnight after data breaches. Therefore, it is essential that no negligence on that. This is just as important as constant content updates. Actually, Probably more when seen from the perspective of the level of damage a breach can cause.

Customisation vs Templates

A lot of magneto sites are built using stock design templates. They are usually terrible for conversion rate optimisation. This requires a lot of rework specifically for this. Consequently, it can add up to the point that a customised solution should have been built from the beginning.

If the website has been heavily altered from a template, there can be a risk of overloading the website with too many extensions/plugins. Extensions bridge the gap between the out of the box solution and Client’s business demand.

There must be adequate testing to make sure no conflicts between the various extensions to meet the client’s requirements. It is very difficult to predict how a variety of Magento extensions developed by different third parties will interact with each other.

Website Speed

A good Magento website is a fast loading website. Studies have shown that 40% of online shoppers expect the loading time to be less than 3 seconds. Getting this level requires a variety of measures that need to be implemented during the development of the website and maintenance once operational.

Optimise the images for a nice resolution but not too big in pixels. Most of the loading times will be a result of large pictures files.
Caching is a very effective way of decreasing the load on a server. Caches store a lot of the essential documents contained within a website locally on the user’s computer.
Once a store has a large number of individual records for products, this can put pressure on the server. Not a surprise that it takes a long time to respond to a query of the website. A great way to get around this is to implement a flat catalogue. So the store doesn’t need to store product information within various data tables.
With now mobile users being 51% of the market, it is important to plan for the development to take this into consideration. Make sure that the mobile site is loading just as fast, or even faster than the desktop site.
A good host is very important for Magento. It is a very powerful platform. But it requires a powerful host to hand the level of bandwidth.

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